working from the ground up

Our passion is helping you return to activities you are passionate about.

We start at your base of support - it’s all about your feet!

Whether it’s an ingrown toenail, pain in your feet or knee pain that is not responding to typical treatments, we would like to help you.

Start looking at your health and wellness from a new perspective - From The Ground Up.


our mission

dedicated to restoring comfort and function by improving biomechanics of the feet, we focus on Non-surgical care of the lower extremities, provided by compassionate caregivers in an unhurried, friendly environment.


we focus on you

From The Ground Up was thoughtfully designed to deliver proven, common-sense treatments for foot problems and related aches and pains that can develop as a result. We have carefully chosen an experienced and highly trained staff dedicated to working with you on your road to recovery.


make an appointment

From The Ground Up is located in Barefoot Medical Spa in Stratham, New Hampshire, a serene and healing space dedicated to your care and comfort. Call or email us to begin feeling better. Same day appointments are available. Most insurances accepted.



 “I eased back into jogging and my inserts became part of the shoe. Dr. Dolan trimmed the manufactured insole to accommodate my custom insert – it was magical. The pain was gone, I was comfortably wearing my fun and professional shoes and I had returned to the athletics and activities that I loved, including jogging.”

– Caryl, Stratham NH