The universe is incredible.

We’ve all had experiences when we just knew we were being sent in a certain direction by a force bigger than us. This is a testimony to Dr. Dolan, Podiatrist and foot whisperer. 

My third child was nearing one year in age.  I had been running with him in a 3-wheel jogger eager to get back in shape. Seemingly all of a sudden I could barely walk. From the first touch of my foot to the floor in the morning the pain shot through my ankle and calf. Soon I was walking nimbly on my tip-toes to avoid my heels touching the floor – it was awful and I was utterly stupefied. What happened?

A friend whom I noticed wearing sneakers with her professional outfits referred me to Dr. Dolan. This was in 2000. As he watched me walk, or rather tip-toe, into the exam room he said, “you have plantar fasciitis.” Okay, I’d never heard of that. I asked him (desperately), “Will it go away”?  “Yes,” he said, “in time and only if you follow the instructions. I was serious about healing - I would have done anything.

Dr. Dolan began by making custom wraps for my feet supporting my instep – right away it felt like I was walking on puffy clouds. They slipped on and off easily and were conveniently marked “R” and “L”. He told me to wear them all day, every day, only removing them for showering and sleeping. At check-out I learned they were no extra cost, simply part of the regular office visit.  In just a few days these small wraps were so comfortable I didn’t want to take them off. In a few weeks I knew I was headed in a healing direction. The wraps were life changing, reversing the injury that also would have changed my life. 

During the follow-up visit, as Dr. Dolan made shoe inserts from a rigid foam insert, then trimmed and fit the new inserts to my favorite shoes, we talked about how he had come to this solution and how so many of his patients come to him suffering with the dreaded plantar fasciitis. He shared that over time and thousands of feet, (certainly thousands now that he’s been practicing over 30 years), he knew he could achieve the same or better healing result and do it for a fraction of the cost. I remember thinking, I know people paying hundreds of dollars for custom inserts, I can only hope they are reaping the results I am. My inserts were just $35 per set at the time.

I eased back into jogging and my inserts became part of the shoe. Dr. Dolan trimmed the manufactured insole to accommodate my custom insert – it was magical. The pain was gone, I was comfortably wearing my fun and professional shoes and I had returned to the athletics and activities that I loved, including jogging. Throughout the next twenty years I referred everyone I knew with foot pain to Dr. Dolan but I only saw him around the community a few times.  

So back to the beginning and why do I say that the universe is incredible? Recently, a friend referred me to Barefoot Medical Spa. We had been talking about our desire for a healthy, quiet pedicure. While I was relaxing in this beautiful, clean, quiet spa where no cell phones are allowed (yeah!), I overheard someone mention Dr. Dolan. I commented that I knew him years ago and to this day think he is a magical healer. Then my pedicurist told me that Dr. Dolan is a co-owner of the spa as well as the adjoining practice, From the Ground Up Podiatry.  In fact, she said, “He is in the office today.” 

Dr. Dolan and I visited, reconnecting the years since I had been his patient. As it turns out, From The Ground Up Podiatry is dedicated to what Dr. Dolan did for me – helping people with foot pain heal and return to the activities and athletics that they love. And I marvel at how the universe truly provides and serves us; all we have to do is ask and listen.

– Caryl, Stratham NH